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Our international youth project “2 regions, 2 continents” brought together eight youth organizations from 2 different regions and continents: the involved countries were Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, representing the Mercosur region, and countries from Central Europe, namely Austria, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Under the motto “discover different realties, encounter a common spirit” we could establish a sustainable partnership for the exchange of good youth work practices for the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.


We started off with a seminar on Cultural Diversity and Integration in Uruguay, followed by a study visit in Argentina, comparing the Mercosur and European realities of inclusion. Both events reflected on achievements and challenges, and provided a platform for common learning and development. The target group were youth work professionals.


All partner countries implemented training courses, seminars and public events on national or regional level, focusing on the empowerment of young people, cultural diversity, inclusion, and the present situation of minorities in the regions. These activities can be considered as good practice examples of the development of minority and immigrant integration projects, and as a tool for adding innovation and inspiration to future youth projects. The target group included young youth workers and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who would go on to act as peer-educators, coaches and project promoters in follow-up projects.


The project closed with two consecutive international seminars in the Austro-Hungarian border regions. The seminar in Hungary focussed on the topic of the Central European youth work reality and the situation of minorities and best practice examples of intercultural minority dialogue projects. It was followed by the closing evaluation seminar in Austria.


The project had the following objectives:

-       to exchange good methods regarding integration of minority groups between Mercosur and Central European countries

-       to activate and encourage young people belonging to minority groups to actively participate in society

-       to stimulate local youth work and strengthen integration of minorities and migrant people

-       to reflect on the situation of ethnic minorities and immigrants

-       to experience intercultural diversity as value and tool

-       to initiate cooperation between Mercosur and Central European countries, finding added value in the comparison of their contexts

-       to share similarities and differences in the methodologies of inclusion


The  website  was created in order to inform the participants, partners and the wider public about all the project news and events.

Visibility was also enhanced by the production of a video clip, which was distributed on DVD and which is, like this booklet, downloadable from the website.